Storystock Festival – Saatchi Gallery


I love children’s events, there is always such a variety of exciting activities put together to inspire and encourage little ones to get creative. Storystock is one of the first-rate festivals I have worked with, best described as ‘a travelling circus which lands in unusual spaces to bring family’s stories.’


This April the Storystock team landed in the Saatchi Gallery and asked me to design an animation workshop based on the current exhibition exploring, South America art.


After taking a look around the exhibition, the group headed back to the workshop room where we designed funny ant characters based on the work by artist Rafael Gómezbarros.


We finished off the session by animating our ants climbing over colourful buildings, meeting and greeting each other along the way. The workshop was wonderfully organised and there are plenty more events continuing all week.


I was very pleased to spot copies of Animation Studio for sale in the Saatchi Store!

Find out more about up and coming Storystock events here.


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