Ministry Of Stories – Adult Workshop


Last year I stumbled across a mysterious shop named ‘Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.’ Assuming it was something to do with Halloween I decided to take a look inside. As advertised, the shelves were full of Monster related goodies, including ‘Guts & Garlic Chutney’ and tins of ‘Creeping Dread.’


Upon further investigation I discovered that the shop front was actually an imaginative gateway, leading to a creative workshop space via a secret door.

The Ministry of Stories was founded in 2010 by Nick Hornby, Ben Payne and Lucy Macnab. The charity organises creative writing sessions for young people in the local area, and is run by volunteers in the creative arts.

As a big thank you to all the people who have been involved in helping with projects this year, The Ministry of Stories asked me to run a special adult animation workshop for their amazing assistants.

IMG_5484Seeing as we were inside a Monster Shop, what better subject to theme the workshop on than Monster characters! 

Untitled1Working in teams of three, the volunteers came up with their individual creepy creations. They were then set the challenge of creating a storyboard starring their mini Monsters.


     There were even attempts at special effects!


Untitled IMG_5475

If you would like to organise an adult animation workshop, either as a fun activity or team building exercise, I would love to hear from you!

Contact Helen for more information.

‘Thanks to Helen Animate and Ministry of Stories for a great animation workshop yesterday. Proud of my monster Squiggle :)’

Natasha Blok (via Twitter)


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