I Only Eat Yellow

Have you ever caught the scent of something delicious in the air and been transported back to a certain memory or a place long forgotten?

Helen Animate Workshops teamed up media storytellers I AM LONDON to create an exciting new sensory project. I Only Eat Yellow is a unique workshop that explores our connection between food, memories and storytelling.

With jars full of mysterious ingredients we invited young people from Wac Arts to use their sense of smell to try and identify each food. The reactions ranged from smiles of pleasure to grimaces of absolute disgust. Heated discussions around the room ensued, what do we associated with certain smells? Do they conjure up images or particular memories?

Taking smells as a starting point, the second part of the workshop focused on the construction of stories. We encouraged the participants to share dishes and food stories from home, examining how food is used in different cultures to bring people together. After the talk food writer Miriam Nice demonstrated unusual ways of preparing food, including ironing pancakes!

Animation Workshop

Inspired by the new sensory experiences the participants sketched drawings, made paper collages and gathered materials, such as dry food, to create images and characters.

Animation Workshops

With the stories scripted and materials in place the group embarked on turning their sensory experiences into animated films. The stories ranged from a cinnamon cookie stealing robin, to a vanilla ice cream monster!

Robin’s Day Out

A young robin is tired of his never changing diet and decides to set forth on an adventure of taste discovery!

Cinnamon Boxes

A lonely old furniture maker is rudely awakened one night when a huge cinnamon tree falls onto his house, destroying his roof. A young man, who lived inside the tree, suggests that they make beautiful cinnamon boxes out of the broken wood. Excited about the idea they get to work making boxes of all shapes and sizes. The young man opens up a shop and the old man is happy again.


Are you interested in running an exciting sensory project that combines storytelling, recipes and animation? 

I Only Eat Yellow workshops are now available to book! 

  • Workshops can take place in different settings including schools, theaters, community centres or museums. Age groups include children (ages 12+) to young adults (ages 18+)
  • If you have a group of 6-8 people, we can tailor the workshops to your needs. We suggest 5–12 sessions per workshop.
  • Some materials and equipment can be provided during the workshop, including fresh foods and art supplies.

For more information please visit the I AM LONDON website or alternatively contact Helen.


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