Wilderness Festival

Animation Workshop

Summer time means many things to different people. For me, it is spending more time outdoors in the sunshine (weather permitting) enjoying the longer days and relaxing with friends and family.

I am also a huge fan of festivals, so you can imagine how delighted I was to be invited to host illustration and cartooning workshops as part of Wilderness Festival family magic and games area.

Animation Workshop

The site was beautifully decorated, with mini toadstool seating and colourful bunting, all ready to host a number of fun activities for the lucky families attending. I even had my own Little Top where I would be spending the next three days workshopping (dream come true!)

Animation Workshop

The Little Top was full of eager illustrators every day, the perfect place for those seeking a breather from all the energetic fun.

During the morning session we created our own daring dragons and transformed them into miniature puppets, a few of which were later spotted flying around the campsite. The theme for the afternoon activity was cartoon faces, sketching the features of our favourite cartoon characters, then putting them together to create our own comic strip.

Animation Workshop

I had THE most amazing time at Wilderness and highly recommend the festival to families with creative little ones. The whole site has a truly magical atmosphere, designed to offer a whole range extraordinary events run by brilliant people.

A big thank you to STORYSTOCK for organising the workshop event, and a special mention to my fantastic friend Chrissy, (workshop assistant extraordinaire) who kept me going with cups of tea.

Animation Workshop




One response to “Wilderness Festival

  1. Wilderness Festival was a blast! Plus, you can never have too much tea & kit kats! Thanks so much Helen for bringing me along to the super fun workshops this summer. I officially know how to draw cartoon faces & cool dragons.
    Lots of love! x

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