The Cartoon Museum

Animation Workshop

My love of graphic novels and cartoons come a close second to my passion for animation, which is why I was thrilled to be asked to run an animation workshop at The Cartoon Museum.

This quirky, hidden away gem, located a stones throw away from the British Museum, is home to a treasure trove of illustrated delights.

Animation Workshop

The theme of the workshop was DRAGONS, one of my favourite beasties to draw. After practicing our sketching skills the group quickly got down to designing their dragon templates and assembling cutout puppets.

Animation Workshop

The animated stories were inspired by the different dragon characters meeting each other (or Vikings), some got along, others did not…

One more note…how cool are The Cartoon Museum workshop table covers?? Handmade by the museum’s director and curator. Plus 10 points for the workshop participant who brought along this Disney inspired satchel.

Animation Workshop

I will be returning to The Cartoon Museum for a special Animation Studio workshops coming up in October, check out the Helen Animate events page for updates.



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