Zu3D Animation Handbook Launch

What better way to celebrate the launch of my latest project, the Zu3D Animation Handbook, than to throw a workshop party! The Cartoon Museum made for a wonderful setting for the event, where guests were invited to create their own stop-motion animation character.




First stop, the Character Design Station! Guests quickly got stuck into the the task of sketching their imaginary creatures using the Character Design Sheets.




Next came the Modelling Station, with tubs full of different coloured plasticine and googly eyes for character creating.

012 014


Last stop, it’s time to animate at the Animation Station. Guests worked as individuals, or in pairs, to create mini films starring their creatures. Brilliant results all round!




The Zu3D Animation Handbook is now available to buy as part of the Zu3D Animation Kit, or sold as a separate booklet on the Zu3D website.

Zu3D Handbook

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