Visible In Visuals Women’s Panel

I was very pleased to be invited to take part in a panel discussion for Visible in Visuals, an organisation pushing to make the animation and VFX industries more diverse and inclusive through honest, open conversation. I shared my experience with inclusion and the struggles women face in the workplace, including what my ideal working environment would look like.

I was joined on the panel by,

Rebecca Warner-Perry – Line Producer at Illuminated films
Lauren Orme – Animator/Creative Director Picl Animation/Festival director CAF
Beth B Hughes – Animation Series Director
Jane E Davies Davies – Director at Aardman Animation
Panel organised by Tanya Scott and Hodan Abdi. Chaired by Hodan Abdi.

ViV have recorded a series of podcasts on a range of topics including Mental Health, LGBTQ+ Perspective and Brexit. These can be accessed through the Skwigly Soundcloud.

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